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What Research Says About Wayfinder’s 6 Core Skills and Employability

3 Apr

Aligned with the five CASEL competencies and Common Core State Standards, all Wayfinder social emotional learning curriculum is structured around our Six Core Skills: self-awareness, adaptability, empathy, collaboration, agency, and purpose. Lessons and modules are vertically aligned to support students to build these skills through developmentally appropriate activities over the course of their K-12 experience. 

Wayfinder 6 core skills

Teaching of our Core Skills fosters both social emotional learning and the building of proactive habits of mind. Our Core Skills are connected to and grounded in students’ real-world experiences to help them better move through their lives with purpose.

Each of these future-ready skills supports students in their learning as well as their path toward becoming well-prepared for their lives after graduation.

Future Ready Skills pg 24Future Ready Skills pg 25

These future-ready skills teach purpose and allow students to put their awareness into action—giving students a way to apply their social-emotional learning to a tangible exploration of ways they can make a difference in their communities and the world at large.

Director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence and Wayfinder advisory board member Dr. Bill Damon emphasizes that purpose learning is imperative in K-12 education:

"The most common problem for young people growing up today isn’t actually stress, it's meaninglessness.

Purpose is the preeminent long-term motivator of learning and achievement. Any school that fails to encourage purpose among its students risks becoming irrelevant for the choices those students will make in their lives. Schools that encourage purpose will see their students become energized, diligent, and resilient in the face of challenges and obstacles."

Download our full white paper - Putting SEL to Work - to learn more about how SEL and Wayfinder are helping students thrive personally, achieve academically, and build the skills employers are looking for.